All projects ( 2013-present, main technology: ASP.Net)
ASP.Net MVC site, my sandbox to try out all this goodness that is coming from Microsoft.
Tags: .Net; C#; JavaScript; jQuery; WebAPI; ASP.Net MVC v1 ( 2013-2018, main technology: ASP.Net MVC)
The original version of the site, created using ASP.Net MVC 4, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery and all that other goodness.
Tags: .Net; C#; JavaScript; jQuery; WebAPI; ASP.Net MVC
JavaScript Canvas clock ( 2013, main technology: JavaScript)
I've been tinkering with JavaScript and canvas and this is what came out of it.
Tags: JavaScript; jQuery
Game of mines ( 2013, main technology: jQuery)
Math + jQuery - algorithms = this mines game. Right-click to set the mark, left-click to open a field. Can be a pretty good way to waste a few minutes stretching your brain
Tags: JavaScript; jQuery
FunTimer.Web ( 2018, main technology: JavaScript, jQuery, WebAPI)
This is a "chess clock"-like app that helps keep track of the slack time against the actual work time. The data is not saved, unless you're an authorized user.
Tags: JavaScript; jQuery; WebAPI
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