This is the customer side of things. Customer provides the name, and reasons why he/she came in.

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Then, customer clicks the button to sign in, and the system provides feedback. If there have been more than five customers today, the system will provide the approximate wait time.

This is the "house" side of things. Register on the left to view the list of technicians and use one of their pins to view the actual customer queue.
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in on: {{reg.friendlyArrivalDate}}
Once "logged in", a technician can view the customers in line. Hovering over their records allows him/her to see the reasons why customers came in today. Once the customer been helped, techician clicks the 'Close' button by the customer's name and the record disappears from queue. This window stays open only for a certain amount of time. If the technician is done looking at it, he/she can click 'log out' button to hide the queue.

The data below shows all open and closed customer visits, it is a raw snapshot of the database in JSON format.